What is the ZOOM Business Simulation?

The Zoom Business Simulation is an online, college-level interactive learning simulation game, designed by business professors to reinforce the core business principles being taught in college classrooms.

Students can play either a solo or team based competition game. Students will run an automotive company, and make all the relevant sales, marketing, operational and financial decisions necessary to drive revenue, capture market share and increase their stock valuation as they move their company towards success over the course of 6 rounds of game play. In team competition, each team competes directly against other student teams within your class.

The Zoom Business Simulation game works best to reinforce core business principles in these college courses:

The ZOOM Business Simulation for College:

Why should you use the ZOOM Business Simulation game in your classroom?

Research has shown interactive and dynamic simulation play leads to more efficient forms of learning.

The Zoom Business Simulation game received high scores from numerous field surveys in such key areas:

ZOOM Business Simulation & WileyPLUS

WileyPLUS Professors using Boone Contemporary Busines can easily use the Zoom Business Simulation in their classroom.