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What class can I use this simulation with?

The following are the best college courses to use with Zoom Business Simulation:

  • Intro to Business
  • Business Strategy
  • Strategic Management
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing

How much does the simulation cost?

The simulation is free for instructors, $39.99 per student.

How do I grade the simulation?

The Zoom Simulation is self-grading. Teams are assigned a grade each round based on their total points performance. How you use this grade is up to you. Some teachers grade on performance, students with the highest points or stock price earn an A+, second place team earns an A, third placed A-, etc...

What do I need to tell students?

As an instructor, you will create a new class with a unique class code. Your students will select your name and this class code from a drop-down menu when they register individually at www.zoomsim.net. Encourage your students to play the practice solo game and to read the student manual for game play tips and information.

How are teams formed?

Professors can tell students to form their own teams, or you can organize them into teams and provide them with a list. Once students know about their team appointments, they will place themselves into the teams when they enter competition play mode. Students do not need team assignments for individual practice play mode.

How can I move a student to another team?

Professors can log in, click on 'View Class Roster' then click 'Reassign Team Selection' link next to the student's name.

During my student registration, I chose the wrong team, what should I do?

During the beginning of the simulation, round 1 only, students can choose a new team themselves from the "company" tab and "choose new team" button.

Do I have to create the team names?

We recommend that students form their own groups, and then choose one member to first log in and create their team and team name. Other members of the group will then choose the team name that was created for their group when they each log in, during competition mode only.

How many rounds is the simulation?

The classroom competition game is fixed at six rounds, and can be reset and re-run as many time as you feel is necessary. In addition, students are encouraged to run through the 6 solo play practice rounds to best prepare for the classroom competition.

Is there a limit to the number of student teams?

No, you can have as many teams competing as you want.

Do you have an auto scheduler to process each round forward?

Yes, from your professor overview page you will see a button called 'view/set schedule', click on this button and you can preset your processing dates and times.

I don’t see the 'process round forward' button when manually processing each round?

This button will only appear when the round status for all teams is green and says 'Round Decisions Submitted'. If time has run out you can always select 'Move Team Forward' to have baseline data entered into the team and this will change their status to green.

What happens if a team does not complete the round in time?

When using the auto-scheduler, any team that does not complete the round in time will cause the auto scheduler to stop, and you will have to manually process that round. If a team has not submitted their data, use the ‘force forward’ button to enter baseline data and process the round forward. The baseline data is at a low competitive level.

How do I view a student’s results?

From the instructor's overview page, you can review individual or team based results.

Is there a student guide?

Yes, students can download the user guide from the footer navigation of the website.

What is the best way to introduce the simulation to students?

It is very helpful to require students to complete the individual practice mode first. This will also give instructors a benchmark for assessment purposes, while comparing results to their final competition scores.

How do I review the results with the class?

From the instructor's overview page, just click the 'view results' button for to review class competition or individual results. Charts and graphs will detail each team’s performance from which you can summarize in class.

What happens when I deactivate a team?

The team is permanently removed from the simulation. This should only be done if a team is empty and has no players.